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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JJ: The Weather Brings Back Memories

The weather, and a chat with Becky Olson.

Becky was the proprietor of Junglerama, a day car center across the street in part of the Beauty School building. Back in the Dark Ages Becca used to drop Alex, the infant Grandson, off with me at the store on her way to work. I'd keep him for a while and then carry him across the street to leave at Junglerama for the rest of the day.

One dark morning , in one of those moments of colossal stupidity that have punctuated my life, I paid no attention to the drop in temperature that was making the rain coat EVERYTHING with a layer of black ice. By the time I got across the bank lot to the sidewalk I knew there was a problem. When I watched a parked car slide out of a lot and onto the street with a wide-eyed driver standing on the brake pedal with both feet I knew I was in trouble.

Did I go back? Oh, heavens no! I kept going.

I was right on the centerline when my feet decided flying was better than skating. I had one split second, midair, to decide protecting AJ was more important than cushioning myself. I wrapped both arms around him and twisted so he'd be on top, and the one rational thought that crossed my mind was "This is gonna hurt!"

I was right.

When I managed to start breathing again, I'd slid the rest of the way across the street on my back and Alex was flashing an "OOOOO! Let's do that again!" grin.

Junglerama was closed. As was almost everything else. I was one of the few out competing for the Darwin Award that morning

The trip back to the store took quite a while, partly because I was a lot more cautious and partly because everything between the top of my head and the soles of my feet ached. We made it safely though.

And I need to make a belated confession. Keeping Alex undamaged was selfish -- I KNEW how much trouble I'd be in if he'd gotten hurt.


"Memento mori"



Jean&Vic said...

Darwin award my foot, it would only have qualified if you ended up outside the gene pool, and we both know it. Though looking at it in the right light, you could say you would have earned an honorable mention if you had let the little guy get hurt ;-)