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Sunday, November 7, 2010

JJ: My Name is Jim. I am a Hoarder: Addenda

My hoarding isn't just confined to things I an touch or carry. I am a digital hoarder too. Which is why I needed more than one (big) hard drive in my computer.

Back in 1993, when I installed Windows 3.11, I decided I needed some desktop wallpaper and started salvaging pictures and artwork from around the net. The total accumulation of JPG files now hovers around 10,000. Yes, they are all "G" rated.

They are supplemented by a few thousand photos I have taken.

The wallpaper is randomly selected by a batch file I wrote and is new with each reboot or on demand.

About the same time I decided I needed more Windows fonts for the work I was doing. I get by nowadays with only around 1700 fonts installed -- at one time there were many more but I weeded them out. I have Corel Draw to thank for most of these.

Here is where it gets scary! I only keep around 9,000 books in pdf form on my hard drives -- the rest are on DVD. Multiple DVD's, that is. Maybe one percent of these are novels, the rest are reference books with a few magazines like Make and Rifle and Handloader and National Geographic and the Gun Digest and the Encyclopedia Britannica thrown in. There are also a load of TXT files in the computer, numbering in the thousands. I tend to do a lot of copy/paste to retain information from the net for my own use.

(Believe it or not, I am not really a fan of digital books in general, but I love the fast and accurate search that Ebooks offer on a computer. The almost-instant data results make scanning woodpulp indices and cross references seem like a stone age activity.)

Nope. Never been into music. I have a couple of old tunes my Mom liked and a couple of newer things I enjoy that total up to less than a dozen songs in the computer.

ZERO on my computer, but I have a hundred or so on DVD sitting in a box. They were received as gifts, picked up in trades or picked up second hand. (Errr, sorry for the lack of PC -- they are "Pre-owned.") They are all action/adventure. I have watched maybe a dozen of them, the rest are for the day I ever get so bored a movie sounds good.


"Memento mori"