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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stolen from Cato@Liberty

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Six Reasons to Downsize the Federal Government

1. Additional federal spending transfers resources from the more productive private sector to the less productive public sector of the economy.

2. As federal spending rises, it creates pressure to raise taxes now and in the future.

3. Much federal spending is wasteful and many federal programs are mismanaged.

4. Federal programs often benefit special interest groups while harming the broader interests of the general public.

5. Many federal programs cause active damage to society, in addition to the damage caused by the higher taxes needed to fund them.

6. The expansion of the federal government in recent decades runs counter to the American tradition of federalism. Federal functions should be “few and defined” in James Madison’s words, with most government activities left to the states. The explosion in federal aid to the states since the 1960s has strangled diversity and innovation in state governments because aid has been accompanied by a mass of one-size-fits-all regulations.

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