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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Leveling Crosshairs

Quick and dirty: I clamp my rifle in my gun vise. Forget about leveling it or anything like that because you don't have to. Loosen the ring caps so the scope tube will turn. Place a mirror at least 10-15 ft away and look through the scope. Turn the scope until the vertical crosshair splits the muzzle right in the middle. The scope and rifle are now in alignment. Once you do it its very easy. I've used this method for several years and it works fine. Let me add this tip as well. If you can't see your bore (on smaller caliber rifles), Cut a Q-tip in half and put it in the muzzle. That will give you a nice white spot to see. Stick the stick end into the muzzle up to the cotton end just enough to hold it there. Thanks and a salute to DDJ and t/c223encore at the Predatormaster Forums for this tip. (Me)