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Friday, October 9, 2009

JJ: Then There was Danni

One of the first lessons I personally got from the trainer was that it was better to have two horses than one, so after some discussion we went shopping. No, I didn't argue. I have this weakness about women I am infatuated with -- I tend to let myself be amiably led along by them. Kinda like a hog to slaughter . . . She had some good arguments, though, like the fact that having two horses would allow her to do a better job of teaching. She could ride along with Bec and continue the lessons from the saddle. I was looking for a stately, mannerly, old plug that I could relax on and enjoy, but since my knowledge of horses could have been written on the head of a pin and still left an infinite amount of space for the Angels to dance on, I let the trainer decide which horse I should buy. We shopped a lot, using the Mountain Trader, the Interlake, and the horse owner's grapevine to guide us all over the valley. We looked at a lot of horses and I really liked some of them but the nags I approved of all seemed to have hidden problems in temperament or design that the trainer was happy to point out. We finally found one that the trainer liked -- a pregnant, three year old, 100% pure Arab in Columbia Falls, a beautiful rose gray (gray, with tiny red freckles, also referred to as fleabit) mare with a black mane and tail. She was graceful, beautiful, and barely even halter broken. It looked like I was in for an interesting ride. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)