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Thursday, October 8, 2009

JJ: Learning Time

The trainer decided that I needed to learn about horses and the proper way to ride, so she started giving me lessons during the day while Bec was in school. It was kind of fun, and since I was at least familiar with sitting on a horse and didn't have too many bad habits I guess I learned pretty fast. I guess I got cocky, too. I went back to the creek early one afternoon, having decided to saddle up Cutter and ride up to the house to meet the trainer when she arrived. Catching Cutter was easy -- all it took was a carrot as a bribe. I fumbled around and got the bridle on and the bit in properly, saddled him up with no problems, and mounted up. All was going well so far. I rode him around the back of the field a bit and then headed east for the house. Half way up the field Cutter decided I was off guard and relaxed and it was time to dispose of the rider. Until then, he had been as mild and passive as a rocking horse, strolling along all carefree and happy. I was all relaxed, carefree, and happy, too, until suddenly my butt wasn't in the saddle anymore, but in the air someplace over his head. He only bucked once, and by the time I hit the ground he was already galloping back to the pasture, head cocked to the side to keep from stepping on the reins. The landing knocked the wind out of me, and by the time I was able to breath again he was happily grazing. The bit in his mouth didn't hinder him at all. It was pretty obvious that he had more experience at dumping riders than I did at staying aboard. It was also pretty obvious to the trainer what had happened when she drove in a few minutes later. She gave me a ride back to the pasture, assistance at catching Cutter, and a lecture on overconfidence. She thought the whole episode was a LOT funnier than I did. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)