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Monday, July 6, 2009

HOM: Jerry Miscellanea

The KM went out of business and we bought a few furnishing and such from them like the two base units with drawers where we keep the comics and maps. Jerry bought a few decorations like the ship model I still display and put them up, so I joined in by buying a Spanish wall hanging that he consigned to the most hidden corner of the store he could find. He build a heavy -- and comfy -- high stool with a back for the person running the counter to sit on. We bought a pair of cheap desks and chairs for the office and a filing cabinet. When we got the office finished, he put a sign on the wall over his desk, a simple red on black poster that said "NO". If he was concentrating on something and I interrupted him with a question, the answer was preordained. NO! He'd just point to the sign and go back to work. It simplified communication. Jerry was the meticulous record keeper and and I was the grasshopper-brained laborer but we got along pretty well. He'd been a bird hunter back in Dakota but never much of a gun nut or rifleman, but the flow of books and people the Gold Room generated heated up his interest. His mother-in-law had been a great target shot with the revolver, his father-in-law had been a border patrolman, and his uncle-in-law was the cranky old gunsmith that ran the Hook & Bullet south of town so I guess a lot of things combined to fuel his interest in guns. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)