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Monday, June 8, 2009

I Hate Yahoo

I'd guess that my biggest mistake on the web was having them host my website at the beginning, but I went with them because I equated "big" with "good" and didn't do my research. My bad! The tools for working on the site were very limited & buggy, tech support replied -- slowly -- with boilerplate, they were expensive, they were . . . ah, never mind. There were a LOT of irritating little problems, and finally one huge one. Anyway, last year I transferred to MM Hosting. Lovely service, low prices about half of Yahoo's. Excellent web tools. All the bells and whistles like email & FTP & Sub-domains. Customer service such that at ten PM on a Sunday night I sent in a service request on their website and had a response within minutes. This year, I ran into a problem, which is why my site is offline -- or rather, available only through So here are two facts. First, the whole web runs on numbers, so when you type in a URL, the URL goes to a Domain Name Server (DNS) which supplies the appropriate numerical address for what you typed. Second, when you create a web site you have to register your name with one of the domain registrars and pay them a fee. One of the problems with yahoo is that they are not a Domain Registrar, they resell domains from an outfit in Australia, Melbourne I. T. Services. Another factoid -- you CAN transfer names from one Registrar to another. The huge problem came to light when I tried to transfer mine to MM Hosting. Transferring a domain from a domain reseller requires the cooperation of the the reseller, the Registrar they are affiliated with, and the Registrar you want transfer to. Yahoo & Melbourne might not make it impossible, but they make it difficult. I assumed (Yep, made an ass of myself) that MM hosting had successfully acquired my domain from Yahoo. When died I found out that Yahoo hadn't allowed the transfer. Or Melbourne hadn't. Or both. Take your pick. So now I am stumbling through the process of renewing my domain ($35.00, non-refundable) with Melbourne and then transferring it to MM Hosting. Hopefully, this time the transfer will be successful. In the meantime, use if you want to visit my site. And if you want to re-read this and insert your choice of four-letter adjectives and adverbs and a few select nouns into the sentences, you will have an idea of my present mood. (Oh, yeah -- last night the roof leaked and soaked the military books and this morning the van quit on me -- it needs a new computer. Add MORE four-letter tidbits to all the above!) Wish me luck. Update: I set up site forwarding at yahoo till I can, hopefully, get this mess straightened out. At least I have an accessible website again from its normal URL. (Me) (Blacktail Books)