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Monday, February 23, 2009

HOM: Northbound

If Don and Sandy had opted to stay in Nampa, Lyn & I would have too, but Sandy was teaching down in Page & Don had a job lined up there. They headed south, we headed north. Mom & Dad had been down for the graduation but headed home immediately afterward. We left a few days later. We convoyed, me first in the jeep with the trailer & Lyn following in Red. I guess the trip was pretty uneventful, because the main thing I remember of it was an incident on Whitebird Hill. Lyn was right behind me when I started up, but dropped back out of sight rather quickly. I trundled on up to the top, then pulled over and waited. No Lyn, No Red. And no Cell phone in those days, and no CB at the time. I gave it ten minutes before I panicked. There was no forty acres to turn my rig around in, but a southbound motor home home stopped to see if I needed help, and I hitched a ride down with them. On the third switchback, we met Lyn & Red, flying up. The motorhome guy flashed his headlights at her and she stopped, and I switched over to Red. She'd decided to take a break at the bottom & figured she'd catch me at the top... We stopped at a little hole-in-the wall restaurant for lunch. I don't remember what I ordered, but she ordered a super deluxe burger. When the waitress asked her what she wanted on it, she said "Just ketchup." When the girl asked why she wanted the super-deluxe if she only wanted ketchup on it, I cracked up. Lyn was quite red-faced. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)