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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Robert Graves, once more

His war years ended on, to me, an odd note.

Injured, shell shocked, and back home in England, Graves fell in love and married a woman who
"... ascribed all the wrong in the world to male domination and narrow-mindedness, and would not see my experience in the war as anything comparable with the sufferings that millions of working-class married women went through without complaint."

Somehow I can't compare the image of housewife drudgery, nasty as it was, with what he went through. Watching friends die needlessly, living in filth, and wading through reeking mud intermixed with rotten flesh and blood doesn't quite compare.

I don't know if her views helped him to put the war into perspective, but the marriage did not last very long.

"Memento mori"