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Sunday, November 28, 2010

PSA for Flyers

The kicker is in the last sentence:

The TSA blog:

"If you are taking pictures at or near the checkpoint, don't be surprised if someone (TSA, airport police, or a curious passenger) asks you what you're up to. We don't prohibit public, passengers or press from photographing, videotaping, or filming at screening locations. You can take pictures at our checkpoints as long as you're not interfering with the screening process or slowing things down.

"We also ask that you do not film or take pictures of our monitors. However, while the TSA does not prohibit photographs at screening locations, local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances might. Your best bet is to call ahead and see what that specific airport's policy is."

Smith advises about what you can do if threatened with arrest: "If you are flying and decide to turn on your phone to take video of TSA checkpoints, that is legal as long as you do not film the TSA's monitors, or interfere with or slow down the screening process. However, if you do videotape TSA checkpoints, then you should have the TSA public affairs (TSA's Office of Strategic Communications) number plugged into your phone: 571-227-2829.

"Another important phone number to have with you is the TSA's Office of Civil Rights at 571-227-1917. It all depends where you are and if the police or TSA agents know the law."

"Memento mori"