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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Borders Advice: Unofficial

To all those store employees still left. I am sorry you will be losing your jobs. Be ready for the first week or so of the liquidation to suck. It will be crazy as the vultures will be coming in for the awesome sale of 20% off. It will be crazy and out of control. They will break stuff and yell at you over having to mark the barcode on the books. the store will get destroyed. also watch out for weights and measures. so make sure you keep things together that are the higher discounts. If you have an upstairs portion, move everything downstairs as fast as possible (ignore the liquidators on this). block off your restrooms to the public as you will no longer be serving food. Make sarcastic sale signs (it will help with store morale). Break stuff. sit around, get rid of trash that won't be sold as fast as you can. Condense, condense, condense. And if you happen to be at a store where you all get along really well, enjoy your time together, and have as much fun as possible. as shelves become empty, take the top two down and put them on the bottom. and to be honest during the first weekend, take recovery to the back and sort it so sections stay together better. But don't be afraid to have some sections just be a " hell if I know section." just keep the discount %'s together.

"Memento mori"