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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking at Egypt

And thinking "Could that happen here?"

Yeah, really, something similar could. Armed citizen groups could be defending their homes against looters and their persons against muggers and rapists, just like in Cairo. The airport and highways could be jammed. All communications might be shut down, either by the government for its own protection or by Mother Nature.

All it would take is something massive enough to overwhelm local authorities. You know, like a Yellowstone earthquake. A volcano on the order of Krakatoa would give us a nuclear winter that would stretch our food supply to the breaking point.

A solar flare could do the job too, one like the Carrington flare of 1859. That flare was visible to the naked eye, produced stunning auroras down as far as Cuba and Hawaii, and set telegraph wires on fire. If one struck now, imagine all our power lines flaring and burning and then try to imagine the government coping with it.

And yes, the sun and its sunspots have been behaving more erratically these last few months than ever before in modern times.

I don't preach anarchy, but I think we should be prepared for it.  I think having a small stockpile of of food and necessities and some means of self defense on hand might be very, very wise before we get our day on the BBC.

"Memento mori"