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Friday, July 23, 2010

JJ: Old Thoughts

Strange day today, odd events and odd thoughts.

I feel old. I was playing with my camera and a remote and popped off a few shots of myself, something I rarely do. When I looked at them I realized I was looking at an old man, one who appeared to be even older than the calendar says, one who was "elderly".

So what is elderly?

Elderly: Time was when an Elder was respected for experience and wisdom, but now he is the punchline of jokes about lawns and farmer's markets. Rodney Dangerfield had it right.

Diminished: At five foot ten or so I used to be a little above average height. I am still 5'10" but half the teenagers I see are MUCH taller than I am. The books say as I age I will get shorter. Yay, another joyful thought!

Pained: A pal remarked that "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work." Sad but true, I guess. I groan a lot in the mornings. Dunno if chronic pain is when something always hurts, but it's always something different. If so, I've got it, and am convinced an old witch somewhere is sticking random pins into a mini-me, probably because I wouldn't let her trade in her Harlequins. (No,witch wasn't a typo.)

Forgetful: Yeah, I am that but it's nothing new. Even years ago my kid was telling people her Dad never remembered how forgetful he was. No, Bec, I haven't forgotten THAT. Forgiven maybe, not forgotten.

Unkempt: Like above, I am that, but it's nothing new. Comfort overrides appearance any day, and dog hair is a perfectly acceptable accessory for any outfit. ("OH, I am COVERED in dog hair!" "Huh, you say that like it was a bad thing!") Yeah, I avoid mirrors, which is why the self-portraits caught me off guard,

Dirty: Well, in a manner of speaking, as in "Dirty Old man." I guess I am too old to be flirting with twenty-somethings, but now the forty-somethings are too young? That's harsh, real harsh.

Senile: Dunno. My mind has always worked in strange ways, floated down strange gutters and processed things in an offbeat manner. I guess someone else will have to make that judgment for me. Someone not related to me!

Doddering: Shaking and trembling? Um, depends on how mad Kathy is at the moment and how guilty my conscience is.


"Memento mori"



Poofy said...

You can flirt with me anytime, you silly elderly guy.

Jean&Vic said...

Jim, Rarely do I think of you as old, you are just like any other person I know. physically your age might catch up to you, but thus far it has not in mind. you are still sharper of wit than most of my peers. . . and I know that is telling of my peers. When I look at you I see an elder, this is true, but as for being the brunt of jokes or otherwise, I think not. I have watched you turn too many an unwary comment on it's owner, myself having been in those hot shoes a time or 2 can more than appreciate it. Dirty old man. . . well that one I cannot contest, but as for the guilt, I have not idea of what you might have to be guilty of, and I am not asking to know, as that is your business, not mine.
Aches and pains we all acquire as well over the course of time. they are reminders not to do what caused them again. While I can think of one exception to that, you have none that you need not be proud of, as you have survived them all. Just think of the numbers of other folks out there who have not. Lucky might be a choice word, but I am not always a eliever in luck, as I thinkm it is something that is also made, rather than had. As for the rest, I will save if to debate with you on another day. But for the moment when you look at that self portrait, you see the end result of a life well lived, enjoyed with family and freinds and still going strong enough to look at it and say what is on your mind. You might not be thankful for being here, but I am glad you are, as I still have a long way to go before I learn half of what you have in your lifetime. I am also selfishly looking forward to learning more of those things from you, for as long as you are willing to teach me, even if you consider your lessons less than exemplary.