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Monday, June 21, 2010

JJ: Sometimes i Wonder

who or what i would be without the bookstore? I wonder how much of my sense of Self and Self Worth comes from my profession, since my love affair with books has dominated my life?

I know that 90% of the people I come into contact with are my customers and that who i am and what i do are totally interwoven. A lot of folks only know me as The Guy From The Bookstore, or My Favorite Bookman or My Bookie, or That Dirty Old Man, or Jim From The Bookstore, or The Blacktail Guy, or sometimes Honey or Sweetie, and once in a while Bob or Harry.

I know that without the store i'd still exist, and i'd still be ME, but i'm pretty sure i would be diminished and i would probably be a different person.


"Memento mori"