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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I made it on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools!


Bird & Trout Knife


I am the owner/operator/janitor/book keeper/sole employee of a used book store, and this Cold Steel Bird & Trout Knife has been my daily companion for the last year or so. I use it for opening packages, scraping labels, opening paint cans (with the ring part of the handle), pulling staples, cutting tape and paper -- every job that requires a cutting edge or small pry bar. It is always handy, and during working hours I wear it around my neck with the included necklace sheath. No digging in pockets, no blade-opening procedure, and no fumbling with the sheath; just a quick grab and it is in use.


It is a tough tool; light, well designed and handy. It is unique in size and shape, holds an edge quite well, and is made from a decent steel -- AUS 6A stainless. The 2.25" blade is legal under most jurisdictions. This seems short but the skeletal design of the handle gives the practical effect of a longer blade. The hanging sheath holds the blade tightly, and if it does loosen with wear some judicious heating and bending restores the original tightness.

I've carried a lot of knives, but none have proved to be as handy as this little gem. It won't make me retire my Leatherman, but it complements it quite nicely. Best of all is that it is relatively inexpensive at less than $20 from Amazon.

Cold Steel Bird & Trout Knife Price $17

Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Cold Steel