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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lee Child Sucks

Warning, a spoiler enclosed.

I like Child's writing, his Reacher series is probably my current favorite. But . . .

In "61 Hours", Child decided to use an outworn attention-grabbing gimmick, may be to increase his readership, maybe because he thought he could do J.K. Rowling one better, maybe just because he could.

He ended the book with a cliff-hanger, no way to tell if the main character is alive or dead, whole or crippled, free or imprisoned.

The ending? "Want to know what happens next? Look for Lee Child's newest thriller, coming Nov 10, 2010!"

I call BS on this as a cheap-assed stunt. His writing and the series are excellent and don't need to emulate an out-of-date TV series with a "Dallas" - type ending.

I'll keep reading the series anyway, but stunts like this detract a lot from the pleasure, and I hope he gets a lot of static about it.