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Thursday, May 27, 2010

ABC Wristwatches

ABC watches: they have an altimeter, a barometer and a compass built in, as well as advanced time keeping capabilities.

I've been reading up on these lately, being a gadget freak, and am amused at a lot of the user reviews. Some of the complaints are ludicrous and make me think the reviewers need a nanny more than they do an ABC watch . . .

1. The compass points toward magnetic north rather than true north! Duh - it's a compass, that's what they do!

2. The altimeter works on barometric pressure, so if the air pressure changes your apparent elevation changes too! Well, yes, ALL altimeters are based on air pressure! Even the high-end nav devices in aircraft work that way, satellites don't give an accurate enough reading.

3. The thermometer isn't accurate! Well, ya know, ya gotta take it off and away from a heat source like your skin to get an accurate air temp reading. Would you look at the thermometer in the oven to see how cold it is outside?

4. Temperature changes cause altitude reading changes! Yes, see #2 above.