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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JJ: These Las Months

It has been an odd winter, one of few gains and too many losses. In the last six months, two friends, my last Aunt, one old shipmate and three of my lifetime-favorite authors died, and one of my best friends is fighting a terminal battle with leukemia. I have had better times. I haven't felt like writing much, either. Most of my personal blog posts are the result of several sleepless hours of mid-night meditating, thinking and reminiscing. I've had a lot of three-in-the-morning wakeful and restless hours this winter, but nothing came out of them that I wanted to share. I feel more mortal than usual. I suppose one gain is that I finally got off my lazy butt & put in for VA health care -- something I have been putting off for years. This was partly triggered by seeing friends with health problems and how the VA has helped them, but what pushed me over the brink into action was being notified that my exposure to Agent Orange is something the VA thinks needs their attention. TBC (Me)