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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JJ: Do You Remember . . .

The blind man that ran the cigar stand in the old Post Office, now the library? The County Library when it was in the basement of Eagles? Torberts? Woolworths? The legless crooner, wearing a dress hat and dark glasses, who sat on a little wheeled cart in front of Woolworths or the Palace and accompanied himself on an accordion? The public drinking fountains on the sidewalk on Main? The steel-doors covering the freight elevators that were set into the sidewalks in front of a number of downtown businesses? Jack McCarthy, proprietor of Jack's Tavern, or Sterling and Long John, the bartenders? When Farm to Market was the ONLY paved rural road in the county, and Rural Route Two stretched from Ashely Lake to Bigfork?? When phone numbers were prefixed with SK (for Skyline) and all you had to dial were the last five digits? Painting the F?? Magstadts? Lake's Feed and Fuel? Circling the Courthouse and Depot Park to drag main? The Doughboy & the cannon and the islands on Main? Diagonal parking on Main?
Yeah, I been on one a them there nostalgia kicks today, sorry.
TBC (Me)