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Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Arrivals Announcements. Duh!

I was talking to a friend who is setting up a website for his business and I said it would be smart to get a blog to go with the site so he could put up quick posts on what he had new or different that he was putting out. (Google owns Blogspot so anything posted there usually show up on Google search within minutes while a website may only be crawled every few weeks.) Then I did a facepalm. I realized I needed to start doing that for the hard-to-find stuff here at Blacktail Mountain Books Okay, so here we go. This week, I got in:
  • a box of military manuals, mostly on explosives.
  • a bunch of vampire/paranormal romances
  • a box of Manga/Anime, only the second ever for me.
  • a box of mixed older scifi.
My supply of L'Amour is pretty good right now, 3/4 of a shelf full. (Me)