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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Compliments to Hillary

In a speech posted on the State Department web site Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that unrestricted access to the Internet would become a top priority for the Administration.

Secretary Clinton's main points:
  1. The right of all peoples to have access to an uncensored Internet.
  2. The right of individuals to exercise free speech on the Internet
  3. The right of businesses and other organizations to have access to uncensored information on the Internet in order to compete fairly.
I hope that this isn't the typical political gas-passing and she meant what she said. If so, it is a point in favor of the current regime here. TBC (Me)


Anonymous said...

Sure, it might be real... but I'm guessing it will be just like the promises of transparent government, punishment for the telecom giants that broke the law during Bush 2, etc., etc. Pretty words signifying nothing. For reference, review the materials that are leaking out about ACTA.