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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ayn Rand

I can see why many people are turning to her writings in this age of Big Brother government involvement and regulation. The essays below are quite well written and do a good layout of the need for some government.

The Nature and Source of Individual Rights

It is widely believed that rights are products either of divine decree or of social consensus, but, as Ayn Rand demonstrated, this is a false alternative. Rights are factual requirements of human life: man can prosper only in a society that respects the rights of the individual. The following three essays by Ayn Rand examine the nature, source, and meaning of rights. These philosophic essays have tremendous relevance—as much today as when they were first written.

“Man’s Rights” by Ayn Rand

This essay explains the fundamental nature of rights, the facts of reality that give rise to them, and what in essence they mean (and don’t mean) in practice.

“Collectivized ‘Rights’” by Ayn Rand

This essay shows why rights apply only to individuals, not to groups or collectives of people, and why acceptance of the notion of group “rights” necessarily leads to the violation of individual rights.

“The Nature of Government” by Ayn Rand

This essay explains, in fundamental terms, what a government is, why government is necessary to a civilized society, and why a proper government must be constitutionally limited to the function of protecting, not violating, the rights of the individual.

Additional Resources

“The Nature of Rights” by Ayn Rand (Free audio interview)

Miss Ayn Rand discusses metaphysics and rights; the meaning of human survival; capitalism and the handicapped; and whether government has rights.

“Structure of Government” by Ayn Rand (Free audio interview)

Miss Rand discusses the importance of a written constitution; a republic vs. a democracy; the nature of America’s checks and balances; electoral re-apportionment and “one-man-one-vote” amending the Constitution.



Jean&Vic said...

I think I went through and read these when they were posted by you, but for some reason I think our computer was acting quirky and not letting me comment on what you posted. I do believe I said thank you again for posting something important, and relevant. Too bad the local papers won't carry this for a the whole valley to read, and possibly get syndicated nationwide. I have a feeling such things might be a little more felt, if not spoken. . .