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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JJ: Moose and Water

I have to admit that Overboard is one of my favorite comics, and this one reminded me of Moose. One hot summer afternoon I noticed that all the horses were gathered around one end of the corral staring into the old bathtub we used as a watering trough. Since they were standing back from it and not drinking, I thought the tub might have run dry, though I had only filled it a few hours ago. I went trotting over to see what was wrong. It was Moose, laying in it with just his head sticking out of the water. Snarling. Moose had a message, like Louie above, but his message was that that tub was a swimming pool till he said otherwise and anyone that disagreed would get bitten. He didn't care for heat, and he would always look for the closest water he could find to cool off in. He'd decided the watering trough was perfect and he was willing to fight to keep it. He was NOT happy with me when I drug him out so the livestock could drink. ----- We took him along once when we were scouting for cows up at Star meadows. He trotted along with the horses and was fine in the morning, but as the day heated up he started planning his route from puddle to puddle, creek to creek, and pond to pond. I guess he managed to stay cool, but he must have overexerted a bit. When we got home he sprawled on the floor and refused to move, and the next day was stiff, sore, and so grouchy he'd snarl at anyone that bumped or disturbed him except Kathy. MJ got growled at. I got growled at. Kathy got a grudging wag of his tail. Go figure. TBC (Me)