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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Security, or, More Midnight Meanderings

. Security–noun
  1. freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety.
  2. freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; well-founded confidence.
  3. something that secures or makes safe; protection; defense.
  4. freedom from financial cares or from want.
I suppose the quest for security is a basic instinct. Squirrels and bears stockpile food for the winter, though the methods differ. A safe place to survive is something every living thing needs. The sad truth is that security is an illusion. There is NO ultimate security in life. Not for ants or grasshoppers or antelopes or humans. Whether you call it the fickle finger of fate, Karma, Divine Will or bad luck, something disastrous could happen at any instant. I think animals are aware of this on some level. I don't think most humans are, at least not here in the good old U.S of A. Most people seem to look to some level of government for security, and in order of descending importance it seem to be federal, state and local levels they think they can call on. I think this is somewhat bass-ackwards. Your first level of security is YOU. Your most important form of reliance is self-reliance. Neither the local policeman nor the Homeland Security folks in Washington are going to stop a mugger, and a good fire extinguisher in hand at the right time is more valuable than a fire department six blocks away. A week's supply of food in the pantry is a lot more important than a promise from FEMA that help is on the way when a disaster of some sort hits the community. Something as simple as a storm or a knock on the door can strip away everything a citizen depends on, and civilization is really a pretty thin veneer that strips away easily at SNAFU time. Having the mind set, some carefully selected supplies, some tools, and some weapons can make the difference whether or not you survive. Don't waste time blaming the government or the neighbors when things go wrong: just shut up and cope. (Me)


Jean&Vic said...

I know I have discussed this topic before, but it still bears remembering. when the police are just moments away, it is always seconds that matter. If you live in a city, town, or other urban area, nothing is ever more true, unless lady luck has decided to adopt you that day. When you live further from an urban area (even if it is just a moment or 2 by surface roads) think of what it means to have little to no protection in your home. There is a big thought to ask in regards to this. . . what is protection? I have talked to more than one person who believe they can make do with a baseball bat, or sword, or even a knife from the kitchen, but one thing I always ask them is where do you keep it? I remind them if they are in the wrong room of the house when trouble come a calling, there may not be time to go looking for the best protection they have on hand. This has given a few of them something to think on and devise better ways to make sure what is needed is closer to hand SHOULD the need arise. But this is only for an immediate threat to life limb or property. I have also taken the time to illustrate to folks I know the other things a bit more long term in scope, and most are aware, but again are ignorant of how to do what they need. Some of them keep a minimum amount of what is needed in life on stock where they live, but in some cases space is a big factor. you cannot store enough food to last a month in a single room barely able to accommodate yourself, unless you are a true packrat. . . but that again is diverting from the subject. what really is needed in this regard is something a bit more tangible in regards to something to guide the under educated. some survival books are out there, and I know you have a few that do folks well who read and retain what is in them. Yet again I am diverting myself from the subject. . . So here I will sign off thanking you for stepping up and illuminating the subject.
P.S. The word verification for this go round is yercop ;-)