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Thursday, November 5, 2009

JJ: Trippin' in '87 I

I talked Susan into going on a trip with me that September. We loaded up Marcy, Susan's little blue '83 Nissan Sentra, turned Carina and the farm over to Bec and Jean and Lisa, turned the store over to a friend named Theresa, and headed south. We left early and retraced the Gun Show route, south on 93, east on I-90, south on I-15, eventually wandering into SLC. We stayed at the old motel I'd been at before, passing up the newer, nicer, and CHEAPER places close by the interstate. Mistake. The rates had gone up and the place had gone downhill since I'd been there. It was a hot-sheets dump. We went book shopping, making this a business trip, and then headed on down to Utah to visit Don and Sandy in Glen Canyon City. The senior Hoodenpyles had moved down from Washington a few years earlier when Bob retired and I was looking forward to seeing them too. (Bob quit his airport job in the mid-eighties, lined up his wife, possessions and vehicles, readied his house trailer for moving, and with Don's help transported everything to Utah. This was my first chance to see him since Colfax.) TBC (Me)