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Friday, November 27, 2009

JJ: Stuttering and Sputtering

Maybe I should have titled this "JJ: Ju...Ju...Ju...Just Stu...Stu...Stu...Stuttering" I thought that writing about my life would be easier once I dropped the chronological format. I was wrong, and I keep finding myself adrift in an ocean of unrelated thoughts with no way to navigate. What I have put up so far has been kinda/sorta/maybe following a rough timeline, but I find myself hitting some stone walls in my history. I don't mind posting humorous things -- or at least humorous to me -- about the folks that have touched my life, but I am not going to talk about events that might make them uncomfortable. That limits me. If I were doing this JJ stuff in the same way I did the HOM, there would be some glaringly obvious holes the size of weeks or months and a lot of places where a reader would go "What the . . ." and wonder if they'd skipped some pages. So I am trying to string together the least harmful and least subjective, but humor-oriented, events of my life since I hit the 40th milestone in some way that flows, or at least drips, in a logical manner. I ain't having much luck. TBC (Me)