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Saturday, November 28, 2009

JJ: Other Nags II

A few other horses crossed our corrals, a couple we owned and a couple Susan took in for training. Pancho stayed with us for a while. He was a great old horse, gentle and mannerly, but the emphasis was on OLD. We left him behind when we moved. Bud belonged to Frank & Vicki Isbell, who lived up at the end of Wagner Lane. Frank was a retired Los Angeles cop, and I will mention him again later. Susan worked with all their horses, but Bud came over to stay with us for a while. He was one of those horses whose disposition didn't improve with age. When he was young, Carina could ride him bareback, when he was older he matured into a regular bronc in a rodeo string. I guess my most vivid memory of him was Susan tying a couple of tires to his saddle. The resulting rodeo was pretty spectacular. At one point he was still tied to the post when he cut loose, and I remember Susan taking a full-arm swing at him with a whip and missing after he kicked at her. I commented about that kick right after the rodeo. Once. All I said was "That was close!" All Susan said was "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, CLOSE!" I guess he didn't miss. TBC (Me)