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Friday, October 30, 2009

JJ: Moving On and Moved In

By that spring of 1987 I was finally coming out of the morass of self pity and self indulgence I'd been bogged in since Lyn left. Life was looking interesting again. I made a deal with the horse trainer. Susan and her daughter Carina were living in a rental place on Whitefish Stage with her mother (Jean) and sister Lisa. Bec & I were rattling around in the old five-bedroom house. In a deal that was part romance (My Part) and part business (Her Part) they moved in with us. I enjoyed Susan's company and thought Bec needed a mother figure (WRONG!) and that the place needed a feminine touch. Susan wanted to expand her training business and wanted to garden and farm, so things seemed to click into place quite nicely. Once they were installed we fixed up the barn, built the corrals, and did some fencing and planting. I'd always wanted to fix the place up, but with Lyn in my life I never had the money or the encouragement to do it. Working and planning with Susan was a joy. TBC (Me)