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Friday, October 2, 2009

JJ: A Fresh Start

I am going to keep reminiscing and then wanting to share the regurgitated tidbits, so I am starting a new, more rambling, series of autobiographical posts. With props to Jim Carmichel of Outdoor Life who wrote a column with the same name, "Just Jim" is going to be the title of the new series, abbreviated as JJ for my typing convenience. And so it begins . . . ----- Uncle Bill's Spoonerisms have gotten me into trouble more than once, but one of the more memorable times involved two sisters named Kit and Deleese. Both were attractive, but one tended more toward sexy and the other toward brainy. Yeah, the pair didn't think being referred to as "Kiss and Delete" was funny. ----- I had a buddy who ended every declaration with the word "Period!" A conversation with him consisted of lots of "That's all there is to it! Period!" "I hated that movie and every actor in it, period," to the point that it got to be both a standing joke and a fast comeback. When he would make harsh statement, I'd say "Period!" for him. I eventually got in the habit of responding that way to other people's comments, and like a lot of bad habits, it got me in trouble. Note to self: when a girl snarls "I'm grouchy!" don't say "Period!" ----- TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)