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Sunday, October 11, 2009

JJ: Dani & Jim

We borrowed a trailer from the Starks and brought Dani out to the farm. We'd been busy out there, fixing up the barn, putting in a round pen for training, and fencing in a little corral/pasture to make a home for her and Cutter. Watching her trot around her new home after we unloaded her, I had to admit she was sure pretty. Even heavily pregnant she was graceful. (By the way, the deal was that I was able to buy Dani at a reasonable price, but after the foal was born and weaned it had to be returned to the folks in CFalls.) Because of her expectant condition, most of the work with Dani consisted of me haltering her and leading her. She needed practice at that and needed to get used to being handled. Once the foal was born real training would begin. Speaking of expectations and training, I expected the lady to train Dani, but when the time came and I mentioned it to her, she just just smiled and told me that I was going to be the one doing the training. She said it would be good for the horse and for me, that I had picked up enough from watching her, and that she'd offer advice and criticism as needed. I didn't really agree, but kept the thought that I'd been watching her and not what she was doing with the horses to myself. Self preservation at work! So yay, the blind was going to have to lead the blind, or more to the point the ignorant was going to have to teach the uneducated and unwilling. Yay again! TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)