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Monday, October 12, 2009

And So It Goes

CA Legislative Info and Contact Tools Bowing to pressure from Mexico and the anti-gun lobby, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last night signed Assembly Bill 962 restricting ammunition sales. Beginning February 1, 2011 retailers will be required to place all ammo behind counters and create a registry of handgun ammunition buyers by obtaining their fingerprint and recording their drivers license numbers. In a letter to the State Assembly the Governor stated: "Utilized properly, this type of information is invaluable for keeping communities safe and preventing dangerous felons from committing crimes with firearms. Assembly Bill 962 reasonably regulates access to ammunition and improves public safety without placing undue burdens on consumers. For these reasons, I am pleased to sign this bill." The legislation also requires face to face  transfers of ammunition which will eliminate any mail order or Internet purchases of ammunition by State residents. Retailers like Cabella's reportedly aren't waiting for the bill to take effect and will stop shipping to CA soon. This bill will exacerbate an already tight market in CA for ammunition and unfairly burden law abiding citizens with more hurdles to jump over to exercise their Second Amendment Rights. Schwarzenegger has been no friend to gun owners in the Golden State. Though he did veto legislation banning gun shows from public property he has in the past signed bills restricting the purchase of certain types of guns and requiring microstamping for handguns. "As Governor, I have sought the appropriate balance between public safety and the right to keep and bear arms.  I have also vetoed many pieces of legislation that sought to place unreasonable restrictions and burdens on firearms dealers and ammunition vendors." he said. The Governor has been under much pressure from Mexico and from the Department of Homeland Security to halt the flow of ammunition south of the border. As usual, this anti-gun legislation will only serve to restrict law abiding citizens and do little to halt the sale of ammunition to gang bangers and criminals who will get their supplies illegally or from bordering states. Restrictive gun laws have only proven to increase crime in areas where they have been implemented according to a Brady Campaign 2008 Scorecard. While  the Governor seeks to be seen as tough on crime the bill is only tough on CA gun owners. And politicians wonder why so many people are stocking up on ammunition now! (Me)         (Blacktail Books)