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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HOM: 1985, Cancelled

Jim & I had a backcountry trip planned for the fall of '85. I don't remember the exact itinerary because it never came about. For many reasons, I'd been having doubts about the trip but I'd decided to go anyway. I changed my mind when I came home the night before we were to leave and found that Lyn had trashed the house, complete with broken windows and shattered furniture. I called Jim & canceled out. I just couldn't leave with the house in that condition and I couldn't abandon Bec to Lyn's worsening tantrums. I felt bad as Jim scrambled to find another friend to share the trip but felt I was doing the right thing. I could not have enjoyed the trip, worry would have spoiled it. The one bit of humor was remarking to Jim that I was keeping the promise I'd made to him the year before -- that I wouldn't bring my oversized sleeping bag on another pack trip. I loved the bag, Jim hated it. It was an Eddie Bauer winter sleeping bag, five pounds of goose down in a canvas wrapper, warm and comfortable and big and heavy, and I loved the comfort and Jim hated the size & weight. It was awkward to pack on the horses and added a lot to their load. I'd tried mummy bags, but found them to be too restrictive, I tend to sprawl a lot when I sleep. What I really wanted was a mummy bag with arms and legs but no such things was to be had. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)