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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hom: Signed

Jerry commissioned Tom Saubert, a local artist and a friend of his, to design a logo for the busness. We told Tom we'd like something along the lines of a mountain man seated on a stump reading a book with a bear looking over his shoulder, but Tom came up with the idea of the cowboy & horse that became "Easy Reader". We used it for the catalog and had Tom do a big version on plywood for the side of the store. Tom, by the way, acted as his own model for the painting, but said he goofed on proportions and was not happy with the resulting painting. The horse is too small or the reader is too big, in his opinion. I'm not sure anyone else agrees with him. I "borrowed" Big Jim Melick and the boom truck from Glacier Concrete to hang the sign, with Jim running the boom and Jerry & I balanced on ladders (loaned to us from AlumaGlass next door) and bolting it to the building. Another project was painting the exterior of the store, whose south and west walls were unpainted and front wall faded. I bought a handy little airless spray gun, since brushes didn't do well on the pores in the concrete, we borrowed another ladder from AlumaGlass, and spent a weekend spraying paint over everything, a big improvement. Jerry had a wooden sign routed, painted, and mounted on the front of the store, and we had some special foam letters spelling out BOOKS mounted vertically on the south wall. He painted the trim dark brown to complement the beige walls. He took his old hand-made signs from the basement railing and mounted them inside the front windows. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)