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Saturday, June 13, 2009

HOM: Back-Pedal!

There are a couple of things I forgot to mention. I wish we'd kept a diary. --- On the wandering road to Grand Rapids, we side-tripped through the Wisconsin Dells. It was springtime there, green and lovely, and reminded me a little of home. Absentminded me cost us a few hours of driving by having to go back and retrieve my coat from a diner we had breakfasted at. By the time I realized it was gone and we got back, the coat had already been turned in at the local police station. If I recall correctly, I'd left my billfold in the inner pocket. The police gave me a quick verbal exam on the contents and then gave it back to me -- along with a strongly worded reminder to be more careful . . . I didn't need it -- I'd already had a loooong lecture on that subject from Lyn . I think covers the omissions, let's get on with the trip. --- Niagra Falls was the next memorable stop after GR, though it took us a while to get there. Lyn's map reading skills were sadly lacking, which led to a number of "discussions" and a certain degree of backtracking and circling once we got off the Interstates. We got to the top of the falls at dusk so the view wasn't as spectacular as I'd hoped, but standing at the edge of the river by the dropoff you could feel the ground vibrating. The feeling of power was impressive. I washed my hands in the river. In those pre-PC days there was nothing to stop anyone from doing that or even diving in for a wild ride. I would guess that there are fences and barriers now. From there, we hopped onto I-90 and headed for Boston, or Framingham, rather, where we planned on staying with Lyn's parents while we book-shopped the area. Well, while I bookshopped. Lyn clothes-shopped. We did hit a couple of the NY bookstores in cities we passed through, but I was pushing a little. I was tired of driving by that time and needed a break. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)