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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Real Whine

I had a checkbook stolen out of my van last month. The GOOD event is that one of my customers saw the guy writing some of the checks and told me and notified the casino he was in. This resulted in the identification of the man, ironclad via his driver's license, within hours. So, I go to the police. Yep, they know the guy, no problem. they even have his photo on file. I go to the bank. No problem, obvious forgery, they tell me not to worry about it. They put stop pays on all the rest of the checks in the book. Fine, till this week. One phone call from a casino notifying me that they are pressing fraud charges against me, four nasty letters from a Missoula collection agency about checks written to Sawbucks, who turned them in for collection even though they KNEW the checks were stolen, and now two letters from Checkrite of Kalispell for checks from the Scoreboard and the Rainbow Bar. Not to mention another call on the subject that I hung up on. /Color me peevish! What makes businesses cash checks without any I.D. and obviously FAKE signatures -- he used "Keno" as a sig, for crying out loud? And then to have the balls to turn them in for collection after they KNEW they were stolen really takes the cake. BTW -- the DL on the check writer is for: Gregory Raymond Graham, DOB 11-16-72, and the MTDL is 1101419724116 with an exp. date of 11-16-09 If you see him, tell him hello from me and then call the cops. (Me) (Blacktail Books)


Jean&Vic said...

Some one will catch up to him, and when they do, it is going to be his sad luck (self inspired at that).
On the better side of this though, there is a trail that cannot be disputed legally and you were notified in very short order of the theft, so there should not be any problems in the legal department.
There is also the fact it provides and interesting story, and some insight into the workings of some of the local organizations here(casino, Checkrite) and the policy they use for checking I.D. as well as the Shortsightedness for check cashing.
I am just sorry to note it stopped at your door.
As for the last request to tell him you say hi, If I meet him, I can pretty well assure you I will. I am just not sure of what else might happen if I do, and then call the cops, but that I am willing to bet might be a rather fun story all by itself.