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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HOM: Waiting & Planning

After I listed the acreage for sale, Jerry & I started making serious plans. The first step was getting inventory for gun show and catalog sales. There were a number of full-time book dealers at the shows in those days and we planned on giving them some serious competition. I had the knowledge & reference material and contributed a chunk of my own collection to get things started. Jerry approached the folks at Books West with the idea of combining the businesses into a three-way partnership that covered all the bases of new books, used books, and new & used gun & hunting books. He wanted a real family type store, with him & his wife, me & my wife, and the Jensens, who were buying Books West, all working together. Lyn, in anticipation of the coming changes, quit her job at Sears and went to work at Books West so she could learn the new book business. Since Dad had been doing the farming on a share-crop basis & I didn't want my decision to affect his income, I told him I wanted him to continue to do the fieldwork but without giving me any percentage. It seemed like the fairest thing I could do at the time. I was NOT happy with the neighbors and the not-legal subdivision rules they were pushing. Like most zoning rules in this valley, folks that had enough money got a pass on whatever they wanted to do. I didn't have the dollars or the connections to qualify. Discussing that with a friend, he made the statement that the farmers were revolting. He used the word as a verb, but I went with the adjective and agreed with him. Some of them sure were revolting. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)