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Sunday, May 17, 2009

HOM: Strayed Details

We'd moved into Grampa Handcock's old house when we came home after I finished school and lived there since, except for a short time while the well was being de-sanded. We stayed with the folks for a week or two while that was being done -- which was NOT a good idea. Two dominant males and two women under the same roof didn't fly too well. Once we did move into the old house, Dad & Mom went out of their way to help Lyn feel at home. Dad had two horses at the time, Buck & Cindy, so he bought a saddle for Lyn and they went riding together. Mom spent a lot of time visiting with her and encouraging her in the art of being a housewife. Anyway, I loved the old place but was frustrated by lack of funds to fix it up. I did get foam insulation blown into the walls, some storm windows, and the oil furnace while I was at Glacier concrete & C&C, but the place needed new siding and all new windows. I'd borrowed the money for the improvements and I guess that was a mistake. It seemed to give Lyn justification to start charging. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)