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Thursday, May 28, 2009

HOM: I quit!

I'd planned on working through the middle of March. Events changed my mind. Shortly before Christmas, I called in sick with a head cold, figuring that staying out of the mill for a day or so would help nip it before it got worse. That evening, and I think it was a Friday, I drove into town and went to the B&B to get some cold meds. I ran into the Day Shift Foreman there, who just stared at me and then ignored me. NBD, or so I thought. After Christmas Don Jones took a few days off and the DSF took his place. The first thing he did was call me up into the office and read me a riot act about calling in sick and then "running around town". It made me mad. It wasn't his place to do that, or any of his business, but was typical of his attitudes. He may have gotten the reaction he wanted, though. I quit. When DJ got back, I went in and apologized to him for the short notice, but he was okay about everything. He said I'd kept him up to date on my plans for the last month or so and he considered that a sufficient notice for quitting, and the DSF as a sufficient reason. He gave me a positive review & a recommendation for rehire, and wished me luck in my new venture. --- A bit later, I was having coffee at norm's when the DSF walked in. He went back and got a toothbrush off the shelf and headed for the checkout. When he went by me, I commented, "Larry, that's the sign of a good foreman!" He asked just what I meant by that and I explained that it was good hygiene to brush your teeth before & after chewing someone's ass out. He never said a word, just wheeled around and walked off. We never exchanged another word, ever, though I ran into him once in a while. I guess he had some bad problems at home, but I never knew if his attitudes caused them or vice versa. I guess I didn't care, as long as I didn't have to deal with him. I mssed DJ though, he was the best boss I ever had. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)