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Sunday, April 26, 2009

HOM: Flashback -- When Bec Was Born

Posting of Gordon made me remember this. Don & Sandy kept in pretty close touch with us there towards the end of Lyn's pregnancy, and I'd called them so that they knew when Lyn went into labor and we were headed for the hospital. What they DIDN"T know was that when we got to town Lyn felt better. We went to Gordon's place, and then Lyn, since this was a Montana winter, stayed across the road with Marie, Lois's sister, for a few days till the real labor started. What I didn't think of was D&S calling us to see if we were okay and how the baby was. They called the house -- no answer. Okay, no problem, they called the hospital. Nope, Lyn Handcock hadn't been admitted. I guess they had visions of something bad happening because they called the church next and the church directed them to Gordon & Lois. When Don finally got to talk to me he let me know that saying "Well, no news is good news!" wasn't good enough and I had best keep them better informed! ----- Another flashback, triggered by mention of Gordon & Marie and the fact that I just got an office chair with heat/vibrate capabilities. (I love thrift shops!) Marie had a luxurious massage recliner that Gordon liked to relax in and sometimes nap. All was well till one afternoon he dozed off in it and got a rude awakening. Remember those spring loaded shelf sets that consisted of two spring loaded metal poles with shelves between them? Well, the instructions that came with them don't mention that time and vibration could make them slowly tip and fall. There was such a set mounted behind the recliner and apparently the heavy duty massage motors in the chair finally coaxed the poles into moving because Gordon's nap was interrupted by a cascade of books and bric-a-brac tumbling over his head and into his lap. For some reason, he was grumpy afterwards. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)