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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Vote That REALLY Counts

Obama won the election, the trail of paper & electronic ballots cast by those that cared to vote, and his campaign was brilliant. Now, however, there is a new vote going on -- a vote of confidence in him & his administration. There is no other candidate, it is a simple confidence/no confidence vote. There are no ballot forms or boxes to check. People are voting with their money, and the vote Obama is getting is one of No Confidence. If his bail-out was a good thing & his stimulus well done, the stock market would be rallying instead of tanking. If his bail-out was a good thing & his stimulus well done, people would be buying stocks & bonds instead of guns and ammo. If his bail-out was a good thing & his stimulus well done, people would be spending money on cars & toys instead of stockpiles of food. If his bail-out was a good thing & his stimulus well done, Costco wouldn't be selling survival supplies. If his bail-out was a good thing & his stimulus well done, three of the Top Ten best-sellers in Amazon's "Current Events" books wouldn't be survival guides. People voted for "Hope & Change", another term for"Pie In The Sky." I guess they are getting what they voted for -- things "changed" for the worse and people are "hoping" things will get better. Would things be better if McCain had won? Hard to say, but I am quite sure they wouldn't have been worse. The Chinese had a lot of accumulated wisdom, and one of the pearls they taught was "Better the Devil you know than the one you don't." I think when Obama won, America lost. I hope I am wrong, but at this point the nation needs a miracle, and "He" ain't it. My opinion? We need less government, less control, fewer laws. Well, actually we need more independent people who don't look to the government for a solution to every problem, and a whole lot less greed. Hey, I can dream, can't I? I read interviews with doctors/lawyers/professionals who plan on cutting their income to get under the $250K tax ceiling Obama has proposed. What are their plans? To cut hours and work less! To me, that is pathetic. Why not lower their fees and help less fortunate people? Oh well, expecting human nature to change is as hopeless as expecting government to change. (Me) (Blacktail Books)


Jean&Vic said...

I was hoping enough people would take the hint and write in no confidence on the ballot this last go round, but it seems people have forgotten, or misplaced their rights, and freedoms for the sake of another persons dream.
Better or worse, I could not say either about those who take office, only I do not trust anyone who would want the power they are after in that office. That fact has never changed.
Instead of chanting power to the people as was done a few decades back, I have to wonder what the current mantra is. Especially in light of the things coming to pass. Fright is one emotion that comes to mind, but what I fear is what happens when the pipe dream comes to an end, and the people realize what is lost, what was stolen, and what they are facing after they were duped by those smooth words of promise.
I am hoping I am wrong, but If I am right, there will be a lot of bad things coming down the pike, and hopefully it hits those who are responsible. I know many more (frightening numbers sad to say)who do not need to be in the blender when it is turned on are not able to get out before Zero hour, but I do hope to see those who are the root of the problems pulled and left in the sun to dry where they belong.
Those buying bullets and food are nothing more than prudent (conservative?) people. sad to say they have see the light as the door was opening. Hopefully they saw it in time, and have a hope of shutting it again. If not, it is going to be more than a long 4 years.