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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HOM: Crewder Still

Like most jobs, turnovers happened. Tommy was retired military, and soon left to go to work in Glacier Park where his seniority helped him to get a better job. Woody quit shortly after that, and a couple of new people were hired. Billy Powell was my age, a Vietnam vet who had been on a helicopter crew. His wife, Merrilee, was red-headed & sexy. Lyn & I spent some time with them and bought the old dresser I built into the counter here from them. Billy's cousin, Mike, was a little older. Stocky, red-haired Mike was an artist as well as a mechanic and jack of all trades. I bought the painting of pintail ducks in flight that hangs above the counter from him. I loved the painting, but had him correct the colors of their bills from orange to brown. he had a good eye, but was a little off in details sometimes. Billy ran the pipe machine & Mike was general labor. I got promoted to the cement mixers. Odd, because I've never been much of mixer, but maybe they figured I'd be good at it since I was so mixed up. TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)