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Saturday, March 7, 2009

HOM: The (Almost) Apprentice

While I was dealing with the state Employment Service after I got home I looked into working as an electrician. The guys down at the ES were, as always in those days, quite helpful & did what they could for me, but there were a couple of drawbacks to that career. One was my age -- I was right at the cutoff for an apprenticeship, and an apprenticeship was a requirement for that work. My USN training really wasn't a lot of help, though it didn't hurt, and my Navy experience didn't count toward an apprenticeship. The second was a lack of openings for apprentice electricians. The only place with an opening for an apprentice in Montana was in Helena, and would require moving there. It was now-or-never time.The ES did the paperwork and I was accepted for the position, but I finally turned it down. Kalispell was HOME, I'd missed it & I wanted to stay there if I could, and the idea of another move didn't appeal to either Lyn or me. So -- it was another "Path Not Taken." (Thank you once again, Robert Frost!) TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)