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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A "Good News" story

Sixty-five House Democrats said Wednesday that they would oppose any attempt by the Obama administration to revive a ban on military-style weapons that President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994 and President George W. Bush let expire.

The pro-gun Democrats, led by Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., wrote Attorney General Eric Holder that they would “actively oppose any effort to reinstate the 1994 ban, or to pass any similar law.”

They urged the administration to avoid a “long and divisive fight over a gun control issue” at a time when Washington needs to concentrate on the economic crisis.

The House letter came a day after Montana’s two Democratic senators, Max Baucus and Jon Tester, wrote a similar letter to Holder saying the Justice Department should enforce existing laws before considering new gun ownership restrictions. “We will strongly oppose any legislation that will infringe upon the rights of individual gun owners,” they said.

We need more Democrats like this.

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Jean&Vic said...

This sounds pretty and nice on paper, but I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. Looking at the past record of those who spoke up to say they would not go party line on this might speak a different story. I almost tend to think this might be something of a ruse meant for the general public, and those who do believe the media when they are told things will go a certain way, only to get suckered with a punch from somewhere they were told not to expect. It has happened in the past. . .
I am optimistically hopeful in it, but will not hold any faith in it.