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Friday, February 27, 2009

HOM: Addenda & Corrections

My daughter has added a bit to the "Lyn" post. I put it here to correct the record. ---------- Slight modification - I was actually eleven when my parents split. No one asked me at that point where I wanted to live...I think Mom let me stay with Dad because of both the money and being told she couldn't move away if she had custody of me. My 11th Christmas I spent with her, and then I had to go out there again for six weeks during my 12th summer. Not long after I came back, Dad took me to see someone "official" and after talking to me they decided I did not ever have to go visit her again. I guess I was a bit of a mess. She actually came out during my 12th Thanksgiving. I did stay in touch with her, but did not see her again until I was either 16 or 17, when I went on my own choice. The next time my parents saw each other was at my DeVry graduation (3/01), when I was 26. She passed away from cancer on August 1st that same year. The two people most directly responsible for me turning out to resemble anything remotely normal are my dad and my godmother (Lois Nail). My dad put a world's more effort into trying to save his marriage and to save me than I think most would bother with today. It would have been much easier to cut losses and run, or simply stop coming home at night than to deal with that. My godmother took me in uncountable times when things were out of control. She also helped me feel sorry for my mom rather than to hate her. Both of them are the reasons that, even though I have had periods of extreme laziness, I have never given up my faith. I love them both more than I can possibly express, and because of them I was able to love my mom too TBC (Me) (Blacktail Books)